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I’ve been doing some cleansing and organizing here at Got tired of the graphical glut the old site had. This one is a lot more clean and consistent. Articles on the right hand side of the pages will be guides that are kept up to date. Makes more sense that they have their own page versus just a blog post that gets buried after awhile.


Site Fixed!

Had a little issue with a hacker a little while ago. Took me awhile to get things back up and running. Sorry for the interruption. is changing

Not only is the site going through a lot of cosmetic changes, but in terms of content as well. I’ve decided to blog about one of my favorite hobbies, World of Warcraft. Not exactly a novel idea as there are a ton of WoW blogs. I’m guessing I’ll talk about a lot of Hunter related stuff as that is, and always shall be, my main toon.

I just really enjoy talking about WoW and “talking shop” about hunters, that I thought I’d join the large club. I’ll do my best to keep your attention.