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Fun with Power Auras

I made a little video showing how I use Power Auras on Cotar. It’s probably nothing new, but I’m not sure how many of you take advantage of the custom sound effects option in Power Auras. It can be loads of fun.

Power Auras for Hodir

As many of you are aware, I love Power Auras.

I made up a set of them for the Hodir encounter to easily tell if I have a buff or not. With all the spells and snow flying around, it can be hard to see those camp fires. No longer will you have to guess if you can move far enough from the camp fire to the Starlight beam, but still keep your Toasty Fire buff.

  • Toasty Fire (this is the really good one)
    Copy/Paste this import string into Power Auras

  • Storm Power
    Copy/Paste this import string into Power Auras

  • Starlight (though your really shouldn’t need this one to see the big column of light)
    Copy/Paste this import string into Power Auras

Makes it really easy to Stay Buffed All Winter.

UI Setup for Freya encounter in Ulduar

Thought I’d share a few UI modifications I made for the Freya encounter in Ulduar that I think really helped make things easier. In particular, for the three elementals she spawns that seem to give a lot of people problems. If you can make use of any or all them, they may help you too.

  1. Make target marcos for each add. So:
    /tar Snaplasher
    /tar Storm Lasher
    /tar Ancient Water Spirit

    I also made one for the healy tree that we need to bring down fast.
    /tar Eonar

  2. I then use Bartender4 to make a new hot bar to put these macros on. I can turn the bar on and off manually. So I can bring it up whenever we get to Freya and put it away when we’re done. That way it’s always ready to go. As you can see in the image above, I placed this bar right underneath my “pew” bar. Later in the fight I rearranged the buttons to be next to the DBM health bars for each elemental. That way I’d click the button next to the health bar of the add we need to attack. Worked great, but I didn’t get a screen grab of it.
  3. Last, but certainly not least, I made a Power Aura for the Snaplasher. I’m not sure how many other people use Power Auras Classic, but I’m hooked on them. I made an Aura that checks the enemy mob I have targeted and looks for how many stacks of Hardened Bark it has on them. If it has over 40 stacks, it pulls up that big “DANGER” graphic that is pictured above. What’s nice is if you switch off and come back to the mob before the stacks drop off, the aura will pop back up cause the mob still has over 40 stacks. I like Power Auras because they put information like this front and center where you won’t miss it. You can import the aura I use. Just grab the file below, open the txt file, copy the code, and paste it in the import field within Power Auras. Use it as is or modify it to your liking.

    Copy/Paste this import string into Power Auras


New Hunter Power Auras

I’ve added some new Hunter Power Auras. I wanted to keep them grouped together, so I edited my original post. You can find them here: