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Hunter Power Auras

Power Auras are a pretty powerful tool for hunters. They’re great for letting you know when abilities have cooled down and when certain procs are up without have to watch a little button icon. I figured I’d post the ones I use in case anyone would like to use them or modify them. Plus other classes could modify them for their own use. A Druid could use the Serpent Sting one for Moonfire for example. If you have some of your own, please share.


Low mana
Shows when you drop below 6% mana and when you may want to consider popping a potion or going into Viper.

Aspect of the Viper
Basically shows you when you’re in Viper so you don’t forget and stay in Viper.

Aspect of the Dragonhawk
This shows you when you are in combat if AotDH is NOT on. I have this because I’d get used to seeing Viperthe Aura when I was out of combat and regening mana. If I wasn’t paying attention, I’d jump in combat again and forget to switch. Because I get another aura popping up when I go in combat, it serves as an alarm that I need to put AotDH up. It’s also good for when you come back from a wipe and forget to put AotDH up at all.

Hunter’s Mark
This aura shows up whenever Hunter’s Mark is not up on the target. Doesn’t matter if it’s cast by you or not.

Serpent Sting
This aura shows up when ever your Serpent Sting drops off the target.

Kill Command
Nice little alert whenever Kill Command is ready.

Lock and Load
Alert that shows up when you get a Lock N Load proc. Has a sound effect so you don’t miss it.

Rapid Fire
Alert whenever Rapid Fire is ready. It’s big and obnixious, but you want a big notice on something that has a 5 minute cooldown.

Mirror of Truth
Pretty popular trinket. Not super useful, but nice to know when this trinket procs.

UPDATE: I’ve added a couple more to my arsenal.

Black Arrow
Shows when your Black Arrow drops off the target.

Shows when you’re under the affects of Heroism. Has a timer.

Rapid Fire Active
Shows when you’re under the affects of Rapid Fire. Has a timer.

Potion of Speed
Shows when you’re under the affects of a Potion of Speed. Has a timer.

Fury of the Five Flights
If you have this trinket, it’ll show when you have 20 stacks up. Good if you want to save your Call of the Wild for when you have the most AP.