Soloing Chillmaw for Fun and Profit

Lets Kick This Pig!

I still see a lot of hunters looking for groups to go out and kill Chillmaw. This is a shame because for hunters, Chillmaw is fairly easy prey for us.

For those that don’t know, Chillmaw is an elite frost wyrm that is the object of the quest Threat From Above. In order to do the quest, you need to first be a champion of the Argent Tournament. The quest recommends three people. Most likely a tank, a healer, and a DPS.

Hunters have a built in tank in our pet. We can heal that pet via Mend Pet. We certainly have the DPS angle taken care of. We’re like a one man party! So what more do we need?

1. Tanking Pet
Well Chillmaw hits pretty hard for a typical pet. So you definitely want a Tenacity (tanking) pet. My bear, Burger, fills this spot in my stable. Here’s the pet spec I use for him:
» Burger’s Tenacity Spec

You definately want things like Blood of the Rhino as it’ll make healing him easier. Thunderstomp will help gather the adds that Chillmaw drops during the fight. Wild Hunt increases stamina by a lot and Silverback will help heal him as well.

2. Dual Spec
Dual spec? As a hunter? I thought dual spec was just for hybrids?

Dual spec can be just as useful for your hunter as it is for a hybrid class. You can dual spec for raiding and PvP for example. For me, I like to solo stuff when I’m not raiding (I tend to use my raid spec as my PvP spec anyway). So I spec for Beast Mastery with an emphasis on pet survival. Check out this spec:
» Cotar’s BM Pet Tanking Spec

You’ll notice I opted for Endurance Training over Improved Aspect of the Hawk. We’re more concerned with staying alive here rather than maximizing DPS here. We also pick up Catlike Reflexes. Another commonly ignored talent in the BM tree, but pretty good for keeping the pet alive. You be surprised how much damage your pet can take without needing heals at all.

3. Don’t Forget Glyphs
While Bestial Wrath and Serpent Sting are great BM Glyphs, the Glyph of Mending is going to be key to your pet tanking spec. Mend Pet isn’t a great spell by itself, but enhanced by hunter and pet talents and then boosted with this Glyph you can keep a HoT up on your pet that will heal him up like a pro.

4. Gear Check
Depending your gear, you may want to make sure you get some addition buffs on you and your pet. A food buff is easy enough. Pet snacks as well. You may also want to consider Drums of Forgotten Kings, Drums of the Wild, and Runescroll of Fortitude as these are great buffs not available to a solo hunter. Again, if you got good gear, these may be overkill. I use the drums as I’m a leatherworker and typically have them on me anyway.

Now your ready to go kill Chillmaw and his pals. Just Misdirect Chillmaw on to your pet and start shooting. I usually cast Bestial Wrath as soon as Chillmaw hits the ground. Save Intimidate for later. Toss up Mend Pet and then hit Rapid Fire to start working his health down quickly.

As the fight progresses, some of the of the Cultist Bombardier’s will start to dismount Chillmaw. If your careful with Multi-Shot, you can keep them on your pet, but chances are you’ll pull healing aggro eventually and have to deal with them. When you start the fight, drop a Freezing Trap at your feet. This will at least take care of one of the adds when he comes to beat on you. The adds also chuck bombs at you. You can see them coming and you can generally avoid them on the ground. Don’t forget to keep Mend Pet up on your pet.

After you freeze one of the cultist, start kiting the rest. Depending on your DPS, Chillmaw should dying pretty soon at this point. When he dies, try to kite your adds back to your pet. Use Intimidate to get the closest add off of you. Then just blast away and kill the adds one at a time.

Playing DPS, Tank, and Healer all at the same time can be a bit of work. So don’t feel bad if you die the first time. It may take a bit to get the hang of it. When your done, you collect your gold and Champion’s Seals all without having to look for a group and wait for them to show up. Not only that, you’ll find you can now solo lots of elite mobs you may have needed a group for before. So pet tanking spec can certainly come in handy for more than just this one encounter. You might also be able to fill in for a tanking certain encounters when you can’t find a proper tank. Tanking Holiday bosses like the Headless Horseman or Coren Direbrew being prime examples.

I shot a video of this in action. I kinda messed up the end, but I thought it was funnier that way.

Have you pet tanked some stuff extreme stuff? I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment.

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